Through our Vice President of Operations and Area Resource Managers, Alliance Hospitality has a more visible focus and accountability on its assets at the property level. Our structure allows for more consistent and precise communication to ensure properties are focused—from an owner’s perspective—on asset maintenance and management. Alliance has an open and honest environment that encourages a less adversarial role between hierarchy and a more shared role to work together for solutions and ideas.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing is a critical part of a results-oriented strategy that drives consistent, above-average revenues to each of our hotels. To ensure sales and marketing efforts are appropriate, given highest priority, and reflect our corporate culture of excellence, Alliance Hospitality provides strong corporate support to hotel marketing departments through our Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Alliance Hospitality identifies, recruits, and orients top sales professionals to achieve and exceed revenue goals. Alliance Hospitality General Managers lead the sales effort. They set an example of dedicated excellence to the initiatives that build account/client relationships, expand community involvement, harness key selling hours, create site tour opportunities, and actively and properly position their hotels in their markets. Our philosophy of building strong hotel sales and marketing teams and our commitment to support their efforts at the home office level, gives Alliance hotels an edge and contributes greatly to their success. While each flag brand is responsible for driving marketing efforts, Alliance Hospitality actively participates as full brand partners. We invest in sales and marketing initiatives that unleash the full communication power of both interactive and traditional sales and marketing tools. Together with important online selling resources, industry reports, and a state-of-the-art sales data management system, we take full advantage of data mining to target, create, measure, and track our sales and marketing communications

Sales & Marketing Vision

To propel Alliance Hospitality as a premier innovator and pioneer of next-generation hospitality Sales & Marketing Strategy by training and developing the most knowledgeable, highest caliber sales professionals and implementing proprietary tools and processes with state of the art business intelligence.

Sales Automation System

Alliance Hospitality utilizes Simple Solutions STSR as the sales automation system for all hotels in the portfolio.  This cloud-based system has been customized to meet the evolving needs of our organization.

GDS Business Intelligence

Alliance Hospitality utilizes the Hotelligence 360 Report available through the external vendor TravelClick, as well as the customized Hotelligence 360 Enterprise Edition.  These tools allow us to identify opportunity accounts within the competitive market as well as potential opportunities to share existing relationships across the portfolio.

Sales Personality and Aptitude Testing

For the past 6 years, Alliance Hospitality has utilized a customized solution to test the top qualified applicants for sales positions at hotels within the portfolio.  This database of testing results has enabled us to create a database of ideal traits and sales skills for achieving the highest sales results at our hotels.


As part of our vision statement and plan for future success of the organization, sales training is a pillar of that success.  Alliance Hospitality has developed an industry-leading hospitality sales training program consisting of computer-based training through pre-recorded sessions, direct one-on-one training programs tailored to individual needs by our Corporate Manager of Sales Training, monthly webinar coaching sessions on specialty topics, and our Regional Sales Workshops – a two-day course covering essentials for success and additional training topics.

Additionally, all newly hired Directors of Sales within Alliance Hospitality receive a 20-page handbook outlining all policies and expectations of our sales associates, as well as practices to guarantee a successful career within the organization.

All webinars and training material is available for later review in windows media player format through recorded sessions or in printed or presentation form.

Revenue Management

Managing revenue is a key priority of every Alliance Hospitality hotel. Our hotel staffs strive to improve RevPar penetration consistently, year over year, driving continual growth in our market share. A primary goal of Revenue Management that aligns our culture with this discipline is creating an ongoing educational process whereby each hotel’s staff can interact and demonstrate their strengths, as well as identify those areas that will promote development of new strategic initiatives. Our Regional Managers of Revenue Strategy work directly with our hotel revenue teams to cascade innovative ideas and knowledge throughout the organization in order to build revenues. Our corporate culture supports the initiatives of our brand partners while keeping a balance with aggressive Internet strategies and a strong e-commerce presence. This side of our business experiences change on a daily basis, and our hotel teams are in formation to maintain continuous visibility through all booking conduits while offering value and price parity across all channels. The Alliance Hospitality principles of Revenue Management encompass five key areas: strategic identification, pricing, forecasting, channel distribution, and ancillary revenues. We provide cutting-edge tools that support market research and data analysis which offer new perspectives on how effective our strategies are. Open communication is important to our success and, as a result, our teams have specific dialogue targeted toward rate and inventory options, mix-of-business changes, supply-and-demand factors, as well as any necessary operational adjustments to transform objectives into winning strategies.

Human Resources

Alliance Hospitality’s Human Resources administers all human resource and risk management practices and initiatives, and is also responsible for manpower planning and recruitment, benefits administration, directs and monitors development programs, labor and contract negotiations, legal compliance, and consults to training and development.


A staff of experienced CPAs, strong internal controls, a state-of-the-art accounting/reporting system, and an integrated PC network, all allow the Financial Services division of Alliance Hospitality to collect, properly interpret and consolidate financial information to ensure our hotels are operating cost-effectively and profitably. With centralized accounting services and uniform procedures, we improve cash flow and timely reporting for each of our ownership groups, as well as help home office management to closely monitor each property’s operation.

Information Technology

The Alliance Hospitality Information Technology department supports all corporate and hotel technology systems, projecting work that improves systems and communications at all hotel locations. IT increases productivity by automating manual tasks, and eliminating duplicate work by implementing and upgrading systems.