Hoteliers navigate new tech to communicate with staff

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ensure all employees are well-versed in the “plethora of different applications being utilized on property,” Kent Tweeten, asset manager at Alliance Hospitality Management, said in an email interview.

While these new systems can be beneficial to the property, lines of communication can fall apart if teams are juggling multiple platforms, he said.

Often, rather than combining applications when there’s a new method—for checking guests in early, for instance—brands would “rather introduce a whole new application,” he said.

“This causes confusion and frustration for both the guests and the staff,” he added.

Staff may be required to frequently monitor multiple applications related to mobile check-ins, requests for special amenities and keyless entries, he said. On the guest side, frustrations can arise if communication breaks down due to lack of face-to-face interaction.

Gavin Philipp, VP of operations at Charlestowne Hotels, said via email that back-of-house communication “runs parallel to the evolution of guest expectations.”

To avoid potential setbacks, implementing new tech in the back of house requires thorough training and retraining of staff, sources said.

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