Roger A Miller

Roger A Miller

VP of Operations, Revenues, & Business Development


Our strategy on Hotel Development is rooted in being Owner-Centric – which is exactly what sets our organization apart from everyone else

Alliance prides itself on understanding each owner’s unique individual needs and provides that one-on-one partnership throughout the entire development process, from pre-opening discussions with project teams and architects to punching out the last room with general contractors.

With Rolf Tweeten’s leadership we treat each hotel like a street-corner business and are always one step ahead of the market when it comes to understanding the cyclical nature and dynamics of the hotel industry. Our team will provide an initial analysis of the market, competitors, property positioning and financial feasibility which are all key components to hotel investment decision-making.

Our hotel consulting staff has years of experience in hotel development and operations management. The hotel consulting services we provide are unique for each project and are therefore tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Key Development Strategies

Feasibility Assistance

  • Analyze and verify feasibility studies
  • Assist in site selection and evaluation
  • Coordinate hotel demand studies
  • Prepare financial pro forma
  • Prepare preliminary construction and related cost estimate


  • Coordinate hotel room design and food and beverage areas with brand specifications with Regional Flair
  • Coordinate architect, engineer, land planner, and/or interior designer with ownership groups
  • Coordinate layout/procurement of hotel furnishing, kitchen and lounge equipment, laundry equipment, and commercial area furnishings for renovations/repositions or new build.
  • Coordinate all computerized areas – front desk, energy management, restaurant, administration

Interior Design Assistance

  • Interview and recommend a design firm based on Hotel Owners Needs
  • Assist the interior design firm with the furnishing specifications:
    -lobby, corridors and meeting rooms
    -rooms restaurant and lounge
    -Tie into brand specifications and budgetary guidelines

Construction Project Management

  • Function as project manager (***Fee based service)
  • Coordinate input with architect, engineer, etc.
  • Consult with owner on bids, changes and/or selecting General Contractor
  • Take bids on project
  • Perform pre-opening inspections and punch list for hotel

Pre-opening Services and Logistics

  • Create and implement the pre-opening marketing plan with Focus on Success Quarterly Metrics
  • Work with Ownership Group on pre-opening budgets (working capital, food, beverage, linens, china, etc.)
  • HR team will handle recruiting, interview, and hire all key management and sales personnel
  • Provide Alliance Training programs at all levels of hotel
  • Implement Alliance Balanced Scorecard Approach on all Metrics
  • Work with all pre-opening marketing critical lists to ensure full brand and Alliance systems are working and in place with ROI measurements
  • Establish definitive objectives and action plans for all departments
  • Obtain business and Liquor licenses
  • Develop pricing for rooms, food and beverage and total hotel revenue management with our teams
  • Utilize Alliance Hospitality Organization pricing leverage for insurance and implement our purchase programs at each asset.
  • Work with owners and develop a specific employee benefit program and policy manual