Chairman Rolf Tweeten Quoted: ALIS analysis: Sell, build, prepare

“There are lots of opportunity for new development,” said Rolf Tweeten, chairman at Alliance Hospitality Management. “Interest rates are good, financing is as available as it has ever been at the best rate. Now is the time to develop.”


There are three major times people freak out in the hotel industry: When the lodging market starts shifting quickly downward, when it’s hovering at the bottom and, most interestingly, when it’s at or approaching the peak.

General consensus suggests the peak is nigh, and I’m starting to see a lot of industry players get as anxious about the future state of the business as the Republican National Committee thinking Donald Trump may actually get the nomination nod.

This made for one of the more interesting ALIS conferences I’ve attended in many years. Typically, at major conferences such as ALIS, it’s hard to gauge what people are really thinking because their opinions are poisoned by whatever is spouted out during the opening general session.

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